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Earth School Campers Volunteer at Carversville Farm Foundation

By Patricia Walsh-Collins, Director of Earth School

The children of Earth School are excited to volunteer at the Carversville Farm Foundation (CFF) on Mechanicsville Road in Solebury Township.

CFF regularly invites volunteers to work at the farm on Wednesday and Saturday mornings throughout the season. CFF has welcomed the children of Earth School to work directly with the Earth, harvesting produce in service of others.

Earth School’s mission is to nurture and facilitate a deep, connected relationship with one’s self through inspiring a lifelong relationship with the natural world and all beings.

“Our intention is to assist children in retaining their connection to their inner lives through nature. Being connected to the Earth and the life she supports is exactly what we are about,” according to Earth School.

The mission of CFF is to produce fresh, sustainable food specifically for donation to populations that lack access to a balanced diet. Utilizing sustainable farming methods, the farm works to provide these services while simultaneously regenerating the agro-ecosystem.

“Our organizational missions,” according to Earth School, “are very compatible. One literally feeds the other. The best way to facilitate a deep connection to nature and self is through direct contact with the Earth. This what we do. Volunteering at CFF is one of the ways we do it.”

Personally, volunteering at the farm, Patricia Walsh-Collins, director of Earth School, sought out this natural collaboration between the two organizations. For the past three years, CFF has traveled down the road to Earth School, located at the Bucks County Audubon Society in Solebury to present workshops on the importance of “living soil” for the children of Earth School.

Working under the broad vision of CFF, these workshops instill an awareness and respect of the living organisms of healthy soil as the core ingredient in producing healthy food systems, thus cultivating a healthier society and planet.

“As a farmer at CFF, I’m happy to have the kids from Earth School on the farm,” said CFF Field Manager James Schleppenbach. “They seem to really enjoy the physical task of pulling food out of the ground. They’re helping us harvest food for those in need and at the same time learning about the importance of soil health – the basis of healthy food and healthy people.”

Earth School children will continue to volunteer side-by-side with other volunteers at CFF for their remaining camp sessions through Aug. 10. Information on Earth School can be found at Information on Carversville Farm Foundation can be found at



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