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2021 CFF Certified Organic Turkey Sale

Dear friends,

As Thanksgiving approaches, we are proud to offer our organic, pasture-raised turkeys for sale.

As with all our harvests, we raised these birds with the utmost care and quality, and will donate many of them to the soup kitchens and food pantries that we exist to support, free of charge. But in addition to those donations, we also offer some turkeys for sale, and they are not to be missed. These birds are truly fit for a feast—and every purchase helps our non-profit farm feed neighbors in need. Now is the time to order yours here.

We raise two types of turkeys: heritage-breed Bourbon Reds, which we hatched from our own farm flock last spring. Similar to a wild turkey, these are a slightly smaller breed, prized for their flavorful dark meat. We also raise the traditional, larger Broad Breasted White turkeys—big, beautiful birds with both light and dark meat.

Like all the animals here at Carversville Farm Foundation, our turkeys live outdoors on fresh pasture, and have spent their days spreading their wings and eating fresh green grasses, organic grain and wild insects. This month, our crew is gratefully harvesting them in our gleaming facility, here on the farm. We even air-chill our birds upon harvest, for maximum flavor and exceptionally crisp skin. (And if you prefer something smaller than a whole bird, we also offer turkey breast, thighs and drumsticks.)

We gave these birds good lives, and we believe they make an excellent feast. But best of all, your purchase helps underwrite our mission: to donate certified organic vegetables, meat and eggs to local soup kitchens, serving nourishing food, free of charge, to neighbors in need, year round.

Pre-order your turkey here and we’ll have it ready for pick-up at the farm on November 22, 23 or 24. Turkey cooking tips will be included with your bird.

Don’t forget the sides! We’ve got gorgeous, just-harvested vegetables, from carrots and kale to butternut squash, sweet potatoes, fresh parsley, and our spectacular salad mix. Those are as essential as your turkey so don’t forget to order them through our online farm store.  Select your pickup date at checkout and we’ll have it packed and ready for you.

At this time of Thanksgiving, we give thanks for your support—those of you who volunteered with us, and you who support us through our farm store. We were proud to have our work featured in the New York Times this fall. But we’re even more proud that this year, our non-profit farm made our largest donations to date—we gave over 100,000 pounds of our fresh, organic harvests to local soup kitchens and food pantries, feeding top-quality, nourishing food to the people who need it most.  Every purchase helps us donate even more.  Thank you.

With gratitude,

The crew at Carversville Farm Foundation



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